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Specific needs and wellbeing

The resources on this page focus on supporting learners with specific needs and their wellbeing. Working in the FE and Training sector, we maintain our professional status through regular on-going training and development. When considering ourselves in the role of learner, we know we have individual learning preferences. We also know that some of us have specific learning needs and, we all will at some point within our career (or lifetime). We all know what it feels like to sit through a training session when we can’t fully concentrate because of anxieties about other aspects of our home or work life, some of our learners have concentration issues too - perhaps because of ADHD or mental ill-health. Considering adapting our practice, working towards inclusive learning benefits everyone and often small changes to support one specific need, can actually help many other learners too.

With a growing number of resources within the Specific needs and wellbeing page we have created sub-pages for: Autism, Blind and sight loss, Deaf, deafened and hearing loss, Dyslexia, Mental health, Physical disabilities and Profound and multiple learning difficulties.