Welcome to the Excellence Gateway’s Special Educational Needs and Disabilities exhibition site

This site brings together some of the most effective materials available on the Excellence Gateway, as well as brand new material. This site will be of interest to teachers, support staff, managers and leaders, working in the FE sector, who want to improve the outcomes for learners with SEND.

Resources are grouped under the key themes that you as sector providers have identified:

  • working in the sector
  • teaching and learning (including RARPA and Specfic needs and wellbeing)
  • leadership and management
  • employers and employment.

We now have our Centres for Excellence in SEND support.

Our aim is to work together with you and our team of sector experts to spread effective practice and improve learning delivery across the sector.

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An image of the How to lead when you're not in charge guide

This guide is from our ‘How to lead when you’re not in charge’ course. 

Image of the SEND Knowledge module guide

This guide supports the knowledge module of our SEND managers’ programme. Watch our, key things every SEND manager should know webinar to find out more. 

Featured resources

News and Events:

Keep up to-date with the latest news and events.

Working in the sector:

Resources to support those already working or interested in working with learners with SEND.

Teaching and learning:

The resources to support teaching, learning and assessment helping you plan and deliver learning to meet each of your students' needs. 

Leadership and management:

Resources to support senior leaders and managers who have overall responsibility for ensuring the inclusivity of their organisation and to managers of SEND provision.

Employers and employability:

Resources to develop employability skills of learners with SEND and to build links with employers so that you can help learners find and sustain work.